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Our story

RiLEY is the first name in a new kind of luxury.

Portugal Factory for RileyPortugal Factory for Riley

Fit for a king, but made affordable for you.

Our fourth generation family-owned textile mills in Europe guarantee the standards we uphold: a commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship and to you, the consumer.

Live the life of RiLEY.

Our Philosophy

RiLEY is a first name. A person's name. A brand we believe you'll come to know and trust. You may also have heard of The Life of RiLEY? It's an expression of someone who lives a charmed life. We think that's a great kind of life to live and we've named ourselves accordingly. We believe the bedding business takes itself too seriously and doesn't take its customers seriously enough. Quality, on the other hand, is never a laughing matter.


Riley StoryRiley Story

How do we do it?

RiLEY has an exclusive relationship with the finest factories in Portugal - the pinnacle of luxury textile manufacturing.

By cutting out the middlemen, RiLEY delivers the absolute highest quality in bedding and bath at attainable prices directly to you.

Sleep With RiLEY

Live the Life of RiLEY- a luxurious life, a jet-set life, a life that values quality- in conversation, relaxation and stimulation. Sleep with us. We guarantee you won’t regret it.

Riley StoryRiley Story
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